Stag Industrial REIT Stock Drops. Is it a Buy? (NYSE: STAG)

Stag Industrial REIT Stock Chart (STAG)

Investors looking for a hit in the commercial real estate sector have outperformed material assets such as land and buildings. One of those investments is Stag Industrial REIT (NYSE: STAG).

Stag REIT is very popular with dividend investors and those looking to invest in real estate. Furthermore, during my research of the stock, I found Stag REIT was one of the top recommend monthly dividend stocks.

A myriad of factors has pushed up prices, from a lack of supply to increased bullishness owing to post-pandemic solid economic activity and forecasts of moderate inflation.

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Is Stag a REIT? What does it mean?

Stag Industrial is a pure industrial traded REIT that owns 100 million square feet in 492 buildings. The company is known for managing risks and adopting a diversified approach.


A REIT is a real estate investment trust which is specifically designed to pass investment income to investors. This is due to a particular provision of the tax code by the IRS.

Stag REIT is traded on the exchanges, which is good because investors can easily see the prices and have liquidity. This is the opposite of non-traded REITs that are traded on secondary markets and are not very liquid.

How Often Does Stag REIT Pay Dividends?

Stag Industrial REIT pays a monthly dividend. The company has increased its dividend every year since going public in 2011 due to its strict capital allocation policy.

Stag’s stock is currently yielding 4.2% and has an annual dividend of $1.45 per share.


Shares have risen more than 70% over the past five years, and long-term investors can learn more about the company and its innovative approach to capital management, including the monthly dividend payout. The company currently has 39 states (as of December 2020).

Is Stag Industrial REIT a Good Investment?

Investors often ask me if Stag REIT is a good investment. The short answer is yes; I believe Stag REIT is a good investment if you understand the risks associated with real estate to the pandemic, are looking for income, and are not overly exposed to real estate in your portfolio. I would personally look for a dip before I bought it. Below are some key pivot levels.

It should also be noted that interest rates are rising in anticipation of inflation. The 10-Year is currently below 1.7%, and high-quality yields remain elusive, and junk bonds yield less than 4.5%.

This critical because I think risking inflation could increase the value of the buildings, but the increasing yields could put pressure on the dividend payout. In the end, I think inflation will increase the value of the holdings, but the yield may go down significantly.

Stag REIT Pivot Points


State REIT 1 Day Moving Averages

Exponential Moving Average (10)36.28Buy
Simple Moving Average (10)36.39Buy
Exponential Moving Average (20)35.82Buy
Simple Moving Average (20)35.87Buy
Exponential Moving Average (30)35.35Buy
Simple Moving Average (30)35.24Buy
Exponential Moving Average (50)34.55Buy
Simple Moving Average (50)34.25Buy
Exponential Moving Average (100)33.33Buy
Simple Moving Average (100)32.62Buy
Exponential Moving Average (200)32.11Buy
Simple Moving Average (200)32.16Buy
Ichimoku Cloud Base Line (9, 26, 52, 26)35.2Neutral
Volume Weighted Moving Average (20)35.9Buy
Hull Moving Average (9)36.52Sell
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