US Iran Tensions Cause Defense Stocks to Soar (NYSE: XAR)

SPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense ETF (NYSE: XAR)

Defense stocks are starting to rise because of the US Iran tensions and the Biden administration’s likelihood to start a war.  One of the best ways to track the performance and invest in defense stocks is SPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense ETF (NYSE: XAR). It is currently trading at $125.18 and nearing breaking through the 52 weeks high of $127.05.

The ETF was started in 2011 for $24.85 per share with the investment objective to invest in growth and value stocks in the Aerospace & Defense industry. The current expense ratio is 0.35%, has a 3-year return of 49.3%, and a 3-Beta of 0.98.


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Why Buy XAR ETF?

It is ideal for investors that are looking to diversify their portfolio and look for some exposure to defense stocks.  It is very important for investors to diversify in this sector because government contracts account for a huge amount of a companies probability and most investors don’t have the power to fully research the contracts and can’t risk losses.

The Trump administration did not start any new wars and was generally opposed to new military actions.  The Biden administration appears to be more in line with Obama and Bush administrations that expanded military operations.

Biden was so eager to expand operations in Syria that he literally launched one of the largest on day one of his Presidency.  Last month he launched airstrikes in Syria targeting Iran-backed militias.  As a result, Congress is attempting to pull back some of the President’s war powers, but it is unlikely to pass anything.


Bottom line, aerospace, and defense are likely to see more government spending and will continue to see an increase in the coming years. XAR ETF is a great ETF to consider for investors looking for opportunities.

Top Holdings For XAR ETF

  • Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc. Class A 4.60%
  • Maxar Technologies Inc. 4.39%
  • Axon Enterprise Inc 4.28%
  • Howmet Aerospace Inc. 4.13%
  • General Dynamics Corporation 3.94%
  • Hexcel Corporation 3.89%
  • Textron Inc. 3.86%
  • Cubic Corporation 3.84%
  • Boeing Company 3.78%
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc. 3.72%

XAR ETF 1 Day Moving Averages – Buy

Exponential Moving Average (10)121.98Buy
Simple Moving Average (10)121.21Buy
Exponential Moving Average (20)121.74Buy
Simple Moving Average (20)122.72Buy
Exponential Moving Average (30)121.06Buy
Simple Moving Average (30)121.71Buy
Exponential Moving Average (50)118.84Buy
Simple Moving Average (50)119.54Buy
Exponential Moving Average (100)112.7Buy
Simple Moving Average (100)111.22Buy
Exponential Moving Average (200)105.66Buy
Simple Moving Average (200)100.29Buy
Ichimoku Cloud Base Line (9, 26, 52, 26)120.56Neutral
Volume Weighted Moving Average (20)121.49Buy
Hull Moving Average (9)122.57Buy
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