Top 3 Marijuana Stocks to Watch For 2020

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With sweeping regulation changes for weed happening across both the United States and Canada, the Marijuana industry is a new one to look out for. And with 2020 just starting out, there are a number of changes likely to come that will only spell good news for potential investors.

For today, most of the most significant cannabis funds and stocks are found in Canada. This is mainly because Canada was the first great economic force to legalize recreational cannabis. Nevertheless, there are also quite a couple of U.S. Marijuana funds that are worthy of information. There are some high marijuana funds to purchase in 2019. Below are five that consider both USA and Canadian corporations.

This pair of Constellation and Canopy is arguably the most active participant in the cannabis industry. Constellation takes abundant financial resources and the track record of establishing successful consumer brands. Canopy has been the leader in the Canadian marijuana industry for some years, and its creation power dwarfs that of almost all of its competitors.

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Cannabis Legalization Increased Growth

Another new milestone for Canadian marijuana stocks is the growth of Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) on the industry, growing into the first cannabis company to get the initial public offer. Tilray, which advertises itself as a multi-faceted medical marijuana company, was priced at $17 a stock, and promptly grew at 21 percent in the aftermath of the IPO. Tilray has turned out turning into not only one of the most exciting marijuana funds on this industry, but one of the most exciting stocks overall thanks to the crazy September that at one point saw Tilray shares rise over $ 200.

It has come significantly since then, hovering at $ 100 as of the news. It’s often less standard than medicinal, but recreational cannabis has its highest acceptance rating in the USA since this was something studies tracked. Marijuana is 100 percent legalized, including recreationally, at nine states and Washington D.C. After months of people questioning when complete legalization could be in Canada, that country eventually formally legalized recreational cannabis in October of 2018, Subsequently than this season as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had initially anticipated.


After cannabis was legalized altogether in Canada that October, investors can’t seem to make enough of the marijuana business. And while some marijuana stocks like Tilray (TLRY) or Canopy development Corporation (CGC) have been pretty rocky recently, the general industry appears pretty bullish on marijuana and its applications. Made by Canadian medical marijuana activist Rick Simpson, RSO is the cannabis-derived oil that has a notably higher density of marijuana’s hallucinogenic substance, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC has some reasonably powerful consequences that, when concentrated, have demonstrated signs of being able to present the variety of ailments.

If you’re nervous, there would be a crackdown on recreational cannabis companies because cannabis remains illegal in the USA at the national level so that medical cannabis stocks would be the better investment option. Most countries even require recreational cannabis usage, but laws allowing medical marijuana usage are becoming increasingly common. For instance, medical cannabis marketplaces are expanding in Canada and Germany, and in the USA, 33 states have passed laws supporting medical cannabis.

And though there are many to choose from, future marijuana stocks investor should look at three specific companies: Cresco Labs, Canopy Growth, and Aphira.  We wrote about Tilray stock earlier and wanted to offer 3 different marijuana stocks picks for 2020.

Cresco Labs

With Cresco Labs (OTC:CRLBF), you want to watch for two very specific things. The first thing you should look out for is the recent acquisition of Origin House(OTC:ORHOF). Last year on April Fools day, the merger was announced. Though it may have seemed that it was just an April Fools prank since nothing was announced for months afterwards. That changed when Origin House shareholders almost unanimously agreed to the most recent revisions of the merger on December 31st, 2019. The merger finished in its entirety on January 6th, which means the benefits of this acquisition should start showing them shortly.

The second thing to look for is how well the Illinois market treats Cresco Labs. They have just launched there in order to take advantage of the new adult-use recreational marijuana market that has been created. And on New Years Day, Cresco announced that it serviced nearly 3.500 customers at five different locations. Any new reports are likely to hit Cresco Labs hard at this precarious time, whether they be good or bad reports.

Canopy Growth

Unlike the other companies on this list, we won’t learn about Canopy Growth’s (NYSE: CGC) quarterly results until mid February. They may give some information before then, but that’s not why you should look out for them. On January 14th, a new CEO is going to be taking control. David Klein was originally CFO of Canopy Growth’s bigger partner and largest shareholder, Constellation Brands. He then moved on to Canopy Growth’s board of directors for a year and a half, and the was the head of the board in October 2019.

In order to help promote Canopy Growth, Klein is likely to give several interviews this month. He’ll likely take Canopy Growth in a more streamlined financial path, as its previous path cost Constellation quite some money. This should give investors a likely idea of where Canopy Growth is headed.


Aphria (NYSE: APHA) already looks to be a company to invest in. Their first quarter for 2020 was an incredible boon, and if they get similar results for their second quarter update on January 14th, investors will be happy as a clam. Their best bet is CC Pharma, Aphria’s German medical cannabis distribution subsidiary. Profits from CC Pharma were over half of Aphria’s growth alone, and they were only acquired a year ago. Now that it’s fully integrated, CC Pharma is going to be Aphria’s cash cow.

But the Canadian market isn’t going to be a part of Aphria’s Q2 results, due to the company’s fiscal second quarter ending before the cannabis products were even shipped. But using those numbers during its update next week might be eye-opening. After all, Aphria is going to be the first company on its list to provide an update for the Canadian market in 2020.

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