Forensic Electrical Engineers in Canada Launch National Tour

forensic electrical engineers in Canada

Origin and Cause, forensic electrical engineers in Canada, is traveling across the country on their 3rd Annual National Training Tour. This year, they will be discussing the three most frequent types of losses associated with water claims, structure fires and automobile claims. Each presentation will be led by an industry-leading expert who will offer an inside look into the investigation process, including factors that affect liability and subrogation.

forensic electrical engineers in Canada

The Annual National Training Tour Topics include:

Water Claims

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  • Solenoid valves
  • Supply lines
  • Sprinkler systems

Vehicle Claims

  • Faulty workmanship
  • Manufacturer defect


  • Structure Fires
  • Cooking fires
  • Careless Smoking
  • Electrical failures

Tour Dates 

September 30 – St. John’s

October 2 – Moncton

October 3 – Dartmouth


October 7 – Windsor

October 8 – London

October 9 – Mississauga

October 10 – Winnipeg

October 15 – Ottawa

October 16 – Saskatoon

October 17 – Regina

October 23 – Calgary

October 24 – Edmonton

October 28 – Nanaimo

October 29 – Victoria

October 30 – Vancouver

Korany Yasser, a forensic engineer at Origin and Cause, recently responded to a question about a common issues. “The cause of the damage often appears to be known. In a roof collapse from a few years ago, the reported damage was said to have been caused by snow loads. However, we were able to determine, through weather data from Environment Canada, that the amount of snow accumulation in the three months leading up to the event did not exceed – or even approach – the design snow loads. The root cause of the failure was the metal plate connections for the trusses which were not installed correctly. The snow was merely the trigger. That distinction saved the client over $100,000 on the file.”

Origin and Cause provide cross-disciplinary forensic engineering. They have been a trusted leader for over 25 years, helping clients discover the facts by determining the facts through expert investigation. Origin and Cause’s team has completed over 30,000 cases, so people will know that they are working with highly trained, extremely skilled professionals with years of hands-on experience.

Their reputation is built on our integrity and dedication to the facts. Origin and Cause promise unbiased opinions based on factual evidence ascertained through scientific methodology, examination and laboratory testing. Every Investigation is led by a forensic expert with a mean of 25 years’ experience.

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