Steve Reznik Tallahassee Florida at Raymond James Under Investigation

steve reznik raymond james

Did you experience investment losses after working with Steve Reznik at Celgene, Achaogen, Alexion, or other biotech or similar securities? If that is the case, the Investment Loss Recovery wants to assist you to regain your investment reductions. The lawyers continue to research possible customer criticism cases against Mr. Reznik and Raymond James.

The Investment Loss Recovery law agency works with customers all over the country who have lost their capital because of the misconduct or negligence of financial agents/brokers whom they had trusted to offer genuine investment information and to ethically handle their accounts. We deliver over 40 years of legal expertise to our customers in addition to in-depth knowledge about the financial services sector. Our lawyers have backgrounds as authorized securities brokers and as prior defense counsel for large Wall Street brokerage companies.

Who Is Steven Reznik at Raymon James?

You can look for information about Steven Reznik (Steve)
Mr. Reznik is not now enrolled as a broker with Any company. Mr. Reznik formerly worked in the financial services sector since 1982. Though he had prior experience with other companies, Mr. Reznik was most recently registered with:

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Raymond James at Tallahassee, FL (1989-2018)

FINRA Brokercheck records reveal 15 customer dispute disclosures since 2017. The customer dispute disclosures dated from 2017 to 2019, include allegations of negligent supervision by the company, as well as overconcentration, neglect, breach of contract, unauthorized trading, unsuitable investment recommendations, breach of fiduciary responsibility and other allegations. As of late March 2019, roughly 7 client disputes disclosed on FINRA brokercheck were 8 and settled remained pending. In July 2018, it appears Mr. Reznik was not any longer registered with Raymond James. Although FINRA Brokercheck reveals no further information, the Whole CRD records obtained from the State of Florida for Mr. Reznik discloses that Raymond James declared him on July 3, 2018, mainly saying:

“Firm Investigating complaints concerning performance/concentration of account and Financial Advisor response to certain customer complaints.”

How Do You Recover Investment Losses Involving Mr. Reznik or Raymond James?

If you experienced investment losses concerning Mr. Reznik or Raymond James due to overconcentration, incorrect or unauthorized trading or if you suspect your investments or accounts were handled improperly or negligently for any reason, you might want to look for legal advice and a no-cost review of your investments or accounts as soon as possible. You may be entitled for recovery of your losses and other damages. You may also have the right to file a private, confidential FINRA complaint against any agent, or brokerage company that failed to handle or supervise your investment account properly, or even Mr. Reznik’s conduct as a financial advisor/broker.


The skilled securities mediation and investment fraud attorneys of Haselkorn & Thibaut, P.A. possess an insider’s view of the regulatory and legal issues that can influence a case, and we know how brokerage agencies assess these matters and help you get your maximum possible recovery. We can review your case and give you a strategic plan to assist you in recovering your investment losses as soon as possible.

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